Ten Years Later & I Finally Have A Name For It!

At the age of 17, I developed a cyst under my breast. I had no idea how. It started out the size of a pimple. Well, that is exactly what I thought it was until it kept getting bigger and became very painful. It took numerous trips back and forth to the doctors office, hot rags, and antibiotics to try and get it to heal on its own. Unfortunately it never healed all the way. The cyst would seem like it was almost healed all the way and it would come right back. To top it off one actually started to develop under my armpit. That was one of the worst things that could happen.

At times the pain could be unbearable and now I had developed another one. To move meant to cause more pain. Nothing was working so the last option was surgery to remove all of the fluid and damaged tissue. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. Well after the first surgery I underwent three more surgeries because every time I developed another cyst, we would go through the usually dose of antibiotics and it wouldn’t work. We even tried to do things like topical acne medication to clean the areas to prevent the cyst from developing but again it didn’t stop them from coming.

It wasn’t until 2012 when I started my weight loss journey and lost over 100 pounds that I saw a change. I figured the combination between better nutrition, changes in my body, and only using electric razors to shave, is what saved me from having to deal with the cysts thus far. Last week as I was scrolling through instagram I came across a post from @beautifulbrwnbabydol about her YouTube video titled “Boils Under My Armpits & Inner Thighs?! My Hidradenitis Suppurativa HORROR STORY”. Wait a minute could this be the same thing that I was going through? I immediately clicked on the link in her bio to watch the video.

It is amazing how so often we think that we are alone or the only one going through something, but the reality is we are never the only ones. Everything she stated in the video was exactly what I was going through. It brought a light to something that I hadn’t thought about in a while. Though I haven’t had any occurrences in a few years, the thought is always in the back of my head.

I am grateful for her post. It goes to show that you never know who is listening and needs to hear your story. I’m hoping that someone reading this needs to see it and that it helps you in some way. It’s a great feeling  just knowing that there is a name for it, it is a thing,  I’m not  going crazy, and I have no reason to feel ashamed.

Don’t forget to check of the YouTube video, here is the link.

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