Happy Four Year Healthy Lifestyle Anniversary To Me!!


Before I started my health lifestyle journey I decided to write a letter to myself. It was a way for me to speak into existence what I wanted for myself and my life. It was also a way for me to have something just in case I ever got to a point where I forgot why I started my journey. As I sit here today rereading this letter on my “Four Year Healthy Lifestyle Anniversary”, one thing is for sure there is definitely one common theme: I wanted to remind myself, through the journey don’t forget to CELEBRATE LIFE! 




Through this journey I have found more than just better health. I’ve found strength. Everyday may not be a great day and some days you will feel down, but picking ourselves up from these days is truly what builds our character and makes us into the people that we are meant to be. Even if in these moments we may not feel like celebrating, I want you to remember that no storm lasts forever and the only way we stay down is if we allow ourselves to. We only get one life to live and everyday that we chose to celebrate that life and every aspect of it, is a good day. So today I ask you to CELEBRATE with me! Just pick one thing in your life that you are thankful for and today celebrate that. ♥  Today I am celebrating being 130 pounds lighter, no longer having high blood pressure or being pre-diabetic, and finding a new love for health.




As I finish this post after I am going to write another letter to myself. Join me! Let’s write into existence our goals in life, positive vibes, and the things we wish to rid our lives of. When we feel lost or down we can refer to our letters as a reminder. ♥



Grab Onto your Faith & Release Your Fears..♥♥


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